Somewhere more than half my life ago I got this book from a library used book sale.  it has followed me through at least five moves, but I have never read more than about ten pages of it together.  At least I had not until these last few weeks.  Beyond that I can find nothing remarkable to say except that I’ve now added a whole host of books to my reading list, and frig does he read a lot!

I am not well-versed enough in the horror genre to comment on any of King’s observations.  I did find many of them quite interesting.  And though I am not a movie buff, I did watch Wait Until Dark on his recommendation.  The buildup to the climax was good, and then was completely intense, even with Audrey Hepburn’s character being somewhat histrionic.

Possibly the shortest blog post on a book in a long time.  I think that this is a reference book that might bear revisiting once I am more familiar with the reference material.

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