Forgive me for thinking that this is like the Stephen King version of Harry Potter.  I think it is Jack’s age that does it for me, along with the fact that there are parallel worlds and magic.  Beyond that, it is most certainly a more mature version of a fantasy story: with discussions about pedophilia, torture, and other disturbing images.


The Talisman really has the whole hero’s journey in a nutshell, from the call to adventure right through to the return with all the inherent magical helpers.  Joseph Campbell would have been proud.  That said, while it was an enjoyable story, it did feel really long.  I was especially bored by all of the details at the Sunshine House.  Poor Wolf.


Is the Black Hotel part of the Dark Tower?  One has to wonder.  I haven’t read past book four of the Dark Tower Series, but the multiple versions of the world seem to me to be related in some respects.  I will have to try and remember that when I get that far down my reading list.


On to Thinner.



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