2017: The Scariest One Yet!

Politically, I think that this could turn out to be a scary year.  Who knows if we will even still be here in 2018.  Let’s hope that the year of the Grim Reaper that was 2016 was not a practice run for what 2017 will be.


Even if the world does not destroy itself through mutually assured destruction, I have a feeling I might wish I was dead by 2017.  Here was what I wanted to get accomplished for 2016:


  • Reduce the amount of TV watched so I can read and write more.
  • Read 100 books (including finishing my Stephen King Odyssey), by reading 2 hours a day.
  • Write three stories, including my original (non-fan fiction) ghost story.  (First drafts)
  • Blog at least a few times a week.
  • Write 2 – 4 short stories
  • Complete and pass my PFP certification exam.
  • Finish my Canadian History Course


The only one of those that I accomplished was finishing the Canadian History course.  I decided against writing the PFP certification exam because it is truly pointless given current work circumstances.  I only read a total of 48 books, and the only thing I did was write about 2/3 to 3/4 of the Madness of Tobias Sinclair.  So what did I do with my year?  That’s a good question, and one I don’t have an answer for, except to say I changed my mind and reversed my decision not to take classes in the 2016 fall term.  I ended up taking my final class (Cognitive Psychology) for my BA.  And I took a course called Myth, Magic and Shamanism – a deceptive title for Anthropology of Religion.  This second was helpful in understanding Joseph Campbell though, so I don’t consider it a total loss.



2017 is going to be a hell of a year.  First draft goals are to complete the following:

  1. Reading Culture (English class)
  2. Reading to Write (English class)
  3. Indigenous Politics and Governance (Indigenous Studies Course
  4. Read 150 books (Including school books, Stephen King books, etc)
  5. Write at least draft one of ghost story.
  6. Write 1000 words a day, everyday, 3 months on, one off (total of 270,000 words)
  7. Finish all shows that I am currently watching.
  8. Sleep!
  9. Don’t stab anyone.


For at least the next four months I will probably be neglecting this blog more than usual, but I will try to keep on top of things as much as I can.

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