Autobiographical stories have never been my strong suit.  It is a mild form of torture to create an About Me page, but I’ll give it another go.  Here it is:

Name: Sabrina Neumann

Age: 30ish

City: Northeast Winnipeg, Canada, where I live with my two dogs, two cats, two parents and two pianos. 

Occupation: By Passion: writer.  By Profession: Banker.  Why? because writing doesn’t pay the bills when you’re stuck on fan fiction.

Likes: Reading, Writing, numbers, and far too many things that are bad for me.

Dislikes: bigotry, racism, US teabaggers, and people without a sense of humor.

Current obsessions: Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, the 2016 U.S. Presidential race, chain-reading and finding time to write.

Favorite People (aside from family): J.K. Rowling, Robert F. Kennedy, Bill Maher, Rachel Maddow.  Why: well the first two should speak for themselves, and the latter because he’s funny and almost a voice of reason in the madness of US politics.  (A very strong message exists when you can say a comedian is a voice of reason!)

To date there are hardly any noteworthy accomplishments, aside from buying my first house in 2012.  Long-term I strive to write something that I will deem publishable. 

Where you can find me on the net:

Website: http://www.sabrinacneumann.com
Email: sabrina@sabrinacneumann.com


Facebook: Sabrina Neumann

LinkedIn: Sabrina C Neumann

Google+: Sabrina Neumann

Tumblr: Sabrina C Neumann


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