Harry Potter Fan Fiction

Demons & Shadows Series:

Part One: All You Need Is Love

1. The Snake, The Sneak & The Spy

2. Journey To Platform Nine-and-Three Quarters

3. Leaving The Dursleys

4.Grimm Tales

5. Dursley Dilemmas

6. Aunt Petunia’s Reasoning

7.A Black’s Family Secret

8. In Kreacher’s Keeping

9. Welcome Back, Potter

10. Something In The Air

11. Goodbyes?

12. Godric’s Hollow

13. His Own Undoing

14.Sooner Or Later

15.The Perspicacious Portrait

16. Little Hangleton

17. The Serpent’s Scheme

18. Findings & Failings

19. Succour & Sneak

20. Unwanted, Unknown, & Unexpected

21. The Unwelcome Interloper

22. Harry’s Worst Fear

BONUS: Harry’s Worst Fear: Ginny’s Perspective

23. Voldemort’s Little Game

24. The Snake & The Spy

25. Full Circle

26. The Fallen

27. The Passage Of Time

Part Two: The Cursed Tattoo

1. Past & Present

2. The Engagement

3. The Peaking Luck

4. A New Roommate

5. Joining The Hunt

6. Arthur’s Advice

7. Family Outings

8. The Pink Toad

9. The Bleeding Of An Old Wound

10. The Missing Muggle-Born

11. At Ron & Hermione’s

12. The Hand She Was Forced To Play

13. The Quidditch Semi-Final

14. The Cursed Tattoo

15. Colin’s Photos

16. Rise Of The Muggle-Born

17. in The Wake Of The Duel

18. Crack & Bang

19. Breaking Point

20. Don’t Look Back

21. Remus & Narcissa

22. The Ritual Of Ressurection

23. The End Of The Affair

Part Three: The Woes Of Ginny Weasley

NOTE: I have included multiple versions of this story in their various published forms.  The one on the left is the current version.  V1 and V2 are versions 1 and 2 respectively.

Prologue: A Promise

1. Harry & James     V1: When In Paris     V2: Divide & Conquer

2. The Devil’s Snare     V1. Three Simple Words     V2. The Morning After

3. Wizards Against Nobility Debasement     V1. Back At The Burrow     V2. From Dust To Dust

4. Christmas     V1. What Gabriel Started    V2. The Healer

5. Mum’s The Word     V1: The Great Divide     V2. The Awful Truth

6. Derailing Declan     V1: Muggle London     V2. Grimm Life (Incomplete)

7. Dimentichi’s

8. The Dream

9. S.P.E.L.L.s & Birthdays

10. The Auror’s Stratagem

11. Breaking The Defences

12. Of The Essence

13. The Ring

14. For Draco

15. Life & Death

Epilogue: Good Things

Part Four: The Madness of Tobias Sinclair (NEW)

In the nine years since Bellatrix Lestrange’s death, Harry and Ginny Potter have moved on, and have the life they always wanted. When Harry is called in to catch a murderous dark wizard, his past comes back and threatens to destabilize their entire family.

Prologue: Beloved

Chapter One: Dark Shadows

Chapter Two: Amos & Lily

Chapter Three: The Past Comes Home

Chapter Four: Among Muggles

Chapter Five: Afternoon Delight

Chapter Six: Hampstead

Chapter Seven: Abby

Chapter Eight: TBD

Chapter Nine: In A Manor Of Speaking

Chapter Ten: TBD

Chapter Eleven: TBD

Chapter Twelve: TBD

Chapter Thirteen: TBD

Chapter Fourteen: TBD

Chapter Fifteen: TBD

Chapter Sixteen: TBD

Chapter Seventeen: TBD

Lily Receives A Letter

A fun little story about a girl who is waiting for a certain letter, and what happens with it arrives.

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